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Bella Diva Dance Show!

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Bella Diva Dance is the Best Live Carnivale Show Around


BELLA DIVA DANCE will present an over-the-top global dance experience to the Lannie’s in April!  The Bella Diva dancers will be joined by some of the most talented and exciting world dance artists in Colorado.  An electric lineup in the spirit of a “hafla”, the Arabic word meaning “party or get together”.

Natalia Perez del Villar doing Flamenco
Seemie Xavier performing Bollywood
Afro-Caribe Unleashed Dance Fitness
Fafa Blagogee & Herencia Afrikana Performing Mambo On2
Golriz Vazirabadi – Performing Persian Dance
Batavia – Fusion Bellydance Performing Tribal Fusion
Raks Kiz – Performing Belly Dance
Diana Sanchez Ladies – Performing Salsa
Rafi’ah Ruyah & the Foxes Performing Gypsy Skirt Dance
BaleFire – Performing Electro Swing
Neena Massey Performing Bharatnatyam (Classical Indian)

There will also be a special Power Hour Silent Auction held before the show from 7 – 8pm that will raise funds for a dance floor that will be used for a special acquisition made by Bella Diva Dance.

Not only will you be entranced by the sheer amount of shaking feathers, beads, and glitter, you won’t be able to stop tapping your feet to those Samba and Belly Dance beats!  Dripping in feathers, glitz, and glamorous over-the-top gorgeous costumes, (worth the price of admission just to SEE ‘em) these lovely dancers from the acclaimed troupe, Bella Diva Dance, will mesmerize you with scintillating & sensual dance numbers and “can’t sit still” rhythms and beats from all around the world!

As always, Naughty Pierre will be the hilarious host and master of ceremonies.  You won’t want to miss this exciting and fiery night of world dance performances!

Join us for a night of hip-shaking, sword-wielding, feather-popping ladies who know what it means to be a Diva!

“Just returned home from day one of PrideFest and ‘Holy Dancing Feathers, Batman,’  just when I thought I have seen it all. WOW!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bella Diva Dance!! These ladies are not to be missed!” - Brian D. Reed of Ah-Some Photography

PHOTOS COURTESY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS – Matt. W. Smith and Westword Photographer, Jim Willis


Wednesday, April 16th at 8pm


Doors open at 7pm – please arrive no later than 7:45 to claim your seats!


Wednesday, May 21st at 8pm

Wednesday, June 18th at 8pm

Online Payments