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Lannie Garrett’s Beatles to Bacharach: Songs/stories of the two of the greatest songwriting teams-Lennon/McCartney-Bacharach/David

June 9, 2012
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Lannie and her fabulous quintet, The Errand Boys of Rhythm, are at it again with a brand new tribute show that Lannie calls, “Beatles to Bacharach:  Songs of a Generation.”  Lannie pays tribute to the music legacy, the songs of, The Lennon/McCartney and Burt Bacharach and lyricist, Hal David, undoubtedly some of the most prolific and brilliant songwriters of the baby boomer generation and beyond.


In the first set, Lannie and the band give a nod to The Beatles’ songbook.  Lannie has chosen a collection of beloved tunes that range from ballad to country, from pop to rock.  Arranged by Lannie’s musical director/piano player, Justin Adams, the songs are new interpretations, but will still resonate with baby boomers, as well as young and old alike.  The lyrics, the melodies and the soul are all intact.  The music promises to warm your heart and bring back memories of the 1960s.

The second half of the show is all songs from the brilliant, Burt Bacharach.  From the literally hundreds of hit songs that Burt and his lyricist partner, Hal David have written, Lannie chose an assortment that will remind you of the prolific talent of this songwriting team.  She opens the set with a funky version of “Walk on By,” and closes the show with an audience shout out of “What the World Needs Now.”  You will hear familiar Bacharach tunes and a couple of his more obscure tunes that you might have forgotten.

As always, Lannie will weave stories and the history of the artists in between songs throughout the show.


The costumes, the backdrop, and the stage have been specially designed by award winning designer and friend, Kevin Copenhaver.  The show will have a 1960s/’70s look and tone.

Join us for an evening of incredible songs and warm memories.  Whether you grew up with these songs or became a fan later on, their magic is sure to move you.

The show is open to ALL ages.

Written and produced by:  Lannie Garrett

Music arranged by:  Justin Adams

Costumes/Set designed by:  Kevin Copenhaver


Tickets: $35


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