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Gristle Gals: The Twenty Tune Tour, Gypsy-Grass Music

May 27, 2012
8:00 pm
From the rockin’ gals who brought you gypsy-grass, dancing rutabagas, and really twisted advice; The GRISTLE GALS present their latest journey into ebullient absurdity: SWEET PEA ~ The Twenty Tune Tour.  Featuring music from their 2nd album and…. Oh dear, what WILL they do next?!


Mandi Malone – Fiddle, Accordion, Vocals
Gretchen Kunz – Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Nick Schmidt – Drums, percussion
Kalin Capra – Bass

What are people saying about the Gristle Gals?

“The Gristle Gals have more in common with riot girls than Celtic women. Beneath the beautiful melodies and bad-ass fiddle playing is a pulsing rebellious streak that’s pure rock…”
- Charles O’Mara, UCD Advocate
“Django Reinhardt would have loved it….[they] know how to tear it up on stage, and can jam with the best bands out there.  If you’re up for a little musical diversity, jonesing for a new sound, you’ll want to put this outfit on your radar; you’ll be glad you did…” – Charlie Sullivan, Colorado Music Buzz
“The first time I heard the band I felt like I was simultaneously transported into Romania, Russia, and Appalachia.  At the same time it felt like we were all part of a Vaudeville variety show.”  – Central City resident Hillary Peden


Sunday, May 27th at 8pm
Tickets:  $15
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